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Suncheon Jeil University iStudio 400 Installation

Suncheon Jeil University iStudio 400 Installation


On February 15, 2023, Darim System visited Suncheon Jeil University and installed two iStudio 400 models in two buildings, Bibonggwan and Seongsimgwan.

Faculty and staff members attended the event and had the opportunity to demonstrate the program in person, and the new method was well received.

So what did the classrooms look like before iStudio came in?

A typical classroom, but with a blackboard that was worn out from years of use and a somewhat empty feeling.

This is what it looked like after iStudio was installed. You can see that the screen is colorful and clean. We hope that the classroom will be more informative and interesting with the products from Darim sysem.

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