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  • Setting optimal conditions for OBS and Darim Recorder Output
    1. Use "Game Capture" in the video source list. In the Video settings, you can create a smoother Scene change with reduced filter settings. Set the settings as shown below and click OK. 2. In the Settings -> Output tab, set the following settings. These are optimization settings for recording with OBS. 3. Set up the video as follows. 1) Output Resolution : 720P is the default setting, but you can change it to 1080P depending on your streaming environment. 2) Reduction filter: Lanczos should be used for smoother scene transitions with the game capture feature. 3) Common FPS value: HDMI set to 60fps / SDI set to 59.94fps 4. Advanced settings are as follows. You can also lower the process priority if it is not recommended.
  • I want to broadcast on Facebook or Youtube.
    1. Turn on iStudio and run OBS. 2. Both Facebook and Youtube require a "Stream key" to broadcast. Stream keys are a type of personal information, so it is not recommended to disclose them to others. YouTube : Creator Studio -> Go to Live Streaming Facebook : Live Broadcast -> Click Connect 3. Import "stream keys" from Facebook and Youtube into OBS. You can do this by going to Settings in OBS, tapping the Broadcast tab, selecting your service, pasting your stream key, and pressing OK. 4. Press the Start Broadcast button in OBS to start broadcasting. At this time, check the data rate at the bottom. If it is red or orange instead of green, it means that the LAN environment is not good.
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